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Write What You Know

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Type “Write What You Know” into a Google search box, and the famed search engine will return 93 million hits.  Exactly what over 90 million websites, and possibly as many authors, have to say about “write what you know” eludes me.

The phrase is a popular cliche that is arguably trite.  Yet, it remains useful because fact checking can block the creative process.  “Write what you know,” and you can double check the facts later.  (Which, of course, we all do.  Right?)

Like noses, we all seem to have opinions on this, and like noses… …well, you know the cliche’.

What is the “solution”?  I do not claim to have one.  But, my experience has been that this old maxim works just fine for me.

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Julie Isaac & The eBook Revolution

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Whenever I have worked on this blog, I have followed the work of Julie Isaac, another WordPress blogger & author.  Via Twitter, I discovered that she has a site called Join the eBook revolution.  Given that the demand for paper based articles is shrinking, and the number of people competing to be heard as writers is (probably) increasing, eBook is probably the first medium I will try for publishing a more “serious” (polished, actually) effort.  If you are following the same strategy, you might consider reading Join the eBook revolution.


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I was going to write something truly boring like what a great short vacation but

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I was going to write something truly boring like “what a great short vacation,” but then I come across a charming blog that had the disturbing term “metaphorical vomit.”

That is one of the more “interesting” compound nouns that I have encountered in some time.  Though it seems close to oxymoron, it is not. (How would you describe it?)

Makes me also wonder, if it were translated into French, would it be a enduring des chefs-d’oeuvre or a fleeting une pause-café?

By the way, my short vacation nearby was a wonderful respite.

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Larry Crowne and Blog Posts

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One of my favorite movies is Larry Crowne.  It is light-hearted commentary on difficult times.  Everybody loves the hero and the leading lady, but I have learned (mostly by trying to write stories) that it is the supporting actors that often “make” the story.

For example, one of the most important characters in Larry Crowne is the unemployed, former professor, one hit wonder, porn surfing husband of Mercedes Tainot, namely Dean Tainot.

Dean Tainot counts blog replies as “writing.”  Do you?  I spent over an hour crafting a particularly long reply.  Does that count?  Or, a bit like Dean Tainot, was I wasting my time?  Should I have been focused on “real” writing instead?

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The Power of Habit

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“The Power of Habit” is on the New York Times Bestseller List, and described there as “A Times reporter’s account of the science behind how we form, and break, habits.” He’s talking about psychology, but the book contains marketing examples.

This “Power of Habit” is likely a difference, maybe the most important difference, between successful writers and unsuccessful ones. That’s true for other endeavors as well.

Pro-Bloggers post on their blogs more than once a year, and pro-writers almost certainly produce something everyday. Richard Bach (Illusions, Bridge Across Forever) once indicated a writing exercise that might be one of the best: write a narrative of an event or description of an object that happens during the day. Do this right, and the most banal conversation or ordinary object can become extraordinary. Collect these, and a few might be used to color your new work.

Maybe that is the power of blogging. Do it daily, or at least a few times a week, and you develop your writing skills. Keep going, and maybe someday you will have something worth saying.

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Funny thing about the internet, when a commentator is absent, you do not know why.  Were I to die, or anyone else that writes a blog, chances are you would not know.  Oh, sure, the so-called “Professional Bloggers” would be missed, and some of their friends would likely know and shout the news to the world.  But, for the rest of us, particularly those of us who choose to make anonymous contributions, no one would know.  We would just disappear.

Whether or not our comments would survive us remains uncertain.  Would we always have servers?  Would someone always make our words of wisdom, or idiocy, available?  What does “always” mean, anyway?  For the next twenty years?  For the lifespan of those who knew us personally?  In perpetuity in some gargantuan archive that would become ever unwieldy until some knew paradigm rethought how we view how we think?

All I know it that I have not posted here since early 2011, so I thought I would post SOMEthing.  And, no, I have not given up on that novel I was working on that seems perpetually stuck at 60%  I think, though, that I have decided to start writing it backwards.  Start with two or three, or more, endings and write back attempting to make them converge somewhere in the middle, somewhere near where I got stuck.

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