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What is your Word Limit?

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For the past few months, I have been targeting 1000 words a day as my writing goal. While that worked for some time, the ultimate result was that I could not sustain it.

Since the real goal is a sustained pattern of daily writing, this goal did not work for long term purposes. A new goal of 500 words a day, using a software tool called “yEdit2” from Spacejock Software, has helped.

What is your daily word goal? If you have stopped writing, consider that you set your requirement too high. Set a lower limit and see if that works better.

Worried that a lower limit means that your aspirations are too low? Keep in mind that you can raise your limits later, once your daily habit of writing is better established.

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Content Farms

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If you read much about writing and the Internet, you have no doubt heard of “content farms.” (Sometimes “content farms” are also called “content mills.”) If not, then you may be wondering what they are.

First of all, how does one judge whether or not a publisher is a “content farm”? The basis of the decision is partially based on the quality of the writing and partially on the volume of writing purchased by a publisher. Fees paid tend to be very low.

So, what should you do? The decision is a personal one. One argument for writing for content farms is that you will paid, albeit low paid, for writing. This gives you a chance to be paid to practice your skill.

An argument against writing for a content farm is that your name may become associated with low quality work, and this may affect you if you view yourself as a “brand” in the marketplace. You may close the doors on publishing with certain publishers if you follow this route.

In the end, only you can decide what route to follow.

Here are a few links about “content farms”:

Wikipedia article on Content Farms

Make a Living Writing: Both Sides

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Writing as a Business

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At some level, if you write, you should be writing because you want to write. But, if you want to focus on writing as your livelihood, then you need to consider your alternatives.

One alternative is to work as an employee or a contractor. If this is your goal, then consider education and training as a technical writer. And, even if this is not your goal, keep in mind that this experience can provide a strong foundation for becoming a freelance writer.

If you believe that you already have the foundation you need to be a freelance writer, then you need to start thinking of your writing in terms of it being a business. You will need to consider business planning, including issues of finance, marketing, and managing your “operations” as a writer.

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Writing and Imposter Syndrome

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One problem with writing is something called the “Imposter Syndrome.”

You are writing, and while part of you intuitively can tell this is important to you and that you need to be doing it, you have self doubts.

You are doing what writers do: you are writing.

But, you have doubts. You are not a “real” writer, whatever that is.

Maybe the time has come for you to create one or more character sketches of what you believe a “real” writer is. Chances are good that you can build several characters from this. And, as you build these characters, you will be writing.

This may not “cure” your imposter syndrome right away, but as you write you will eventually write away those feelings. With practice, you will overcome this.

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Repeating Obstacles

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Sooner or later, you will reach a period in your life where repeating obstacles will block your writing. These may be happy times, sad times, or just a comfortable vacation.

These periods may be the most dangerous of all, short of death, to your productivity. The key to overcoming these is building in ways to learn to restart. After you have been writing for some time, and your daily habit is established, you test the waters by taking the occasional day off.

If you can survive the occasional day off, then after you have been writing for a significant period (months), you should test the waters with a period of two or three days off. The restart will likely be difficult, but the lesson to be learned here is how to restart after missing.

These planned periods off and restarts will help insulate you from periods of repeating disruptions.

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