Writing as a Business

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At some level, if you write, you should be writing because you want to write. But, if you want to focus on writing as your livelihood, then you need to consider your alternatives.

One alternative is to work as an employee or a contractor. If this is your goal, then consider education and training as a technical writer. And, even if this is not your goal, keep in mind that this experience can provide a strong foundation for becoming a freelance writer.

If you believe that you already have the foundation you need to be a freelance writer, then you need to start thinking of your writing in terms of it being a business. You will need to consider business planning, including issues of finance, marketing, and managing your “operations” as a writer.

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2 Responses to “Writing as a Business”

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Great advice. I wish I could do freelance but I feel like there is no niche for me.

The great thing about Smashwords and Lulu is that you can produce your work and see if it sells. But, your point is a good one. So good, in fact, that some researchers won the 2010 Nobel prize in Economics by addressing it: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/2010/index.html

The “search frictions” they refer to involve the question of how to match your talents to the marketplace. At least that is true if you are selling talent in some form. And, if you are buying talent, then you have the mirror image problem. So, as I have been discovering as I research the topic myself, many writers spend a great deal of time looking for work or looking for somewhere to sell their work. It’s a common problem that most of us face.

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