About Seer Ovum

Weird name, I admit. Oddly, I think of the Matrix Movies when I think of that name. Seer Ovum is about the beginning of deeper insight. Isn’t that what the Matrix Movies were really about? Did you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

I’ve been making more serious attempts at writing the past few years. In different capacities, I’ve written for a living for many years, yet never held the title “Writer.” Few of us do. Physicians, Attorneys, Nurses, Accountants–they all write for a living. Yep, that includes Accountants, too. They invariably have to write reports to accompany the numbers. None are referred to as “writers.”

As far as “creative writing” goes, the writing of fiction, this most difficult part for me has not been ideas, images, or even getting started.  The most difficult parts have been DIALOG (!), the “Ending,” and structuring myself to write the pieces of a larger project (i.e. a Novel) on a regular basis.

Surely others struggle as I do.

Ideas don’t seem hard to come by, for me, but I’m also willing to resort to a large bag of tricks to release the spark.  For example, I take pictures.  Those turn into “word pictures.”  Even if I don’t have a word picture that I can use in my current story (and, often I do), usually that is enough to “get going.”  Ditto for other creative areas: doing an outline and critique of someone else’s work, drawing and diagramming, and sometimes even just a bike ride to clear my mind.  (Has to be the bike; gasoline has become too expensive for “cruising.”)

You heard it here first: this blog is fairly loose in structure. Writing about writing, and using that to write (novels & short stories) is the “primary focus,” but expect a bit of a “photoblog,” too. Really, anything to inspire my creativity. Hopefully, the posts here will inspire yours, too.

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4 Responses to “About Seer Ovum”

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Thanks for reaching out… it’s good to know other’s can relate to my inspired, sleep deprived state. I too aspire to write more, and would love to fuel that passion more. It’s nice to read and be inspired by others… I look forward to reading more of your posts.

All that enthusiasm and then I do not do anything for almost a year. Trying to decide whether or not to do Script Frenzy. I will also try to give you some posts to look forward to reading! (Thanks for the encouragement!)

Lovely honest, and interesting glimpse into your process. Word Pictures sounds great!

Thank you for the encouragement!

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