Writing as a Business

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At some level, if you write, you should be writing because you want to write. But, if you want to focus on writing as your livelihood, then you need to consider your alternatives.

One alternative is to work as an employee or a contractor. If this is your goal, then consider education and training as a technical writer. And, even if this is not your goal, keep in mind that this experience can provide a strong foundation for becoming a freelance writer.

If you believe that you already have the foundation you need to be a freelance writer, then you need to start thinking of your writing in terms of it being a business. You will need to consider business planning, including issues of finance, marketing, and managing your “operations” as a writer.

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Words, Words, and More Words

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Words, and how they are structured, are the product of the writer. Inputs may vary: education and courses, the words of others on blogs and “in real life,” things that make us mad, things that make us happy, and a sundry list too long for this entry. But, the output remains the same: words.


To be certain, in this world of media and the Internet, the line is blurring between writer and other artists. We produce graphics, audio, and video as part of telling our story on blogs and in e-books. But, those other skills are other domains. The domain of writer is, still, words.

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Julie Isaac & The eBook Revolution

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Whenever I have worked on this blog, I have followed the work of Julie Isaac, another WordPress blogger & author.  Via Twitter, I discovered that she has a site called Join the eBook revolution.  Given that the demand for paper based articles is shrinking, and the number of people competing to be heard as writers is (probably) increasing, eBook is probably the first medium I will try for publishing a more “serious” (polished, actually) effort.  If you are following the same strategy, you might consider reading Join the eBook revolution.


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