Relief in the Discomfort Past

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You may or may not believe in the ghost of Christmas past. But, we all have experienced relief in the discomfort past.

If you took the time to capture your discomfort when it was with you, you now have a chance to write about what it is like to have it gone. Did you take the air conditioner for granted. (This assumes you have one, and heat is an issue. Maybe you do not have one, or maybe you do not need one. I suspect this metaphor does not translate well to writers in Anchorage.)

Your word pictures from your time of discomfort now provide a context for your sense of relief. As you develop characters, don’t you think that they would go through the same process?

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Breaks Are Dangerous

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Breaks are dangerous. The inevitable emergency or demanding situation calls, and your writing efforts cease. One day turns into two, and two turns into three.

Adapting an old saying, supposedly a Chinese saying about drinking alcohol, to writing “breaks”:

  • Writer takes a day off.
  • Day off takes a day off.
  • Day off takes a writer.
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Daily writing as a way to organize thoughts

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If you write a short piece, or maybe a few short pieces, each day, you may find that the writing process helps you organize your thoughts.

Just as a task list in software such as Outlook or Astrid can help organize the day, practicing a daily writing exercise each morning, or evening, can help to consolidate thoughts that may be relatively unformed and diaphanous.

As so many others do, the morning writing exercise can be adapted in some ways, expanded in others, and focused in still yet others. Morning work on poetry focusing on meter and rhyme has the potential to improve prose. Vocabulary building can be an option. Identifying and eliminating the use of trite phrases can be another.

To some of you that read this blog, I am “preaching to the choir.” You already know this, and you already do this. But, if the idea is new to you, you should consider it.

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Why can’t every day be like this one?

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Why can’t every day be like this one?”

Who writes about good days? Don’t we always focus on the bad ones?

And, once you do focus on the good ones, it is in reference to the bad ones. Like bad days, good ones pass as well. Spending time thinking about the other ones can be a terribly waste of an opportunity.

So many of us write dark and terrible stories on our blogs and in our e-books that we can easily be fooled into believing that is what sells. But the big draw for Hollywood movies in terms of sales is the “romantic comedy.” Trying to be the next Stephen King can be fun, but if you want to sell your work you should consider focusing on producing the next “Bridget Jones Diary.” (Even that is a re-write of Jane Austen.)

Maybe the best thing to do with bright and sunny spring days is to enjoy them.

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On the power of a nap

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Opinions may vary on this, but I wish that in the culture in the United States that we had “siesta.” I think that the idea of the mid-day nap is a great one.

So, every day, from roughly 1p to 3p, most shops would close, and we could all take naps. Hours would resume from 3p to 6p.

Maybe that is why I want to be a freelance writer, or something similar to that. I want to be able to make my own schedule. I want be able to work intensively a few hours in the morning, siesta, and then hit it even harder in the afternoon and early evening.

Given the ultra-hot summers we have been having, maybe the siesta is an idea whose time has arrived.

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