More Transition to KM Tools

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First of all, all BOTD:

Found that blog via Twitter, and I thought it was an interesting read.  Not sure which of her three types of writer I belong in.  I think maybe I’m a “born” type, since everything I write is really some kind of variant on the “psychological thriller.”

That said, I have installed the Beta 4 of Scrivener.  No extensive testing, yet, for me as I continue the migration from Scrivener to my KM tools (including Treepad).  However, my plan (now) is to do this: (1) write daily using Scivener and using it as my main tool; (2) export that daily writing to my KM tools, (3) output (daily) from Scivener to Word (the whole enchilada); and (4) backup everything (Scrivener, Word, and KM tools).

Still haven’t written today, and may not restart until I’ve finished moving everything (done so far) into KM tools.  With my unfinished Nano novel, I can tell that I am in the middle of the plot, and I can see several viable endings.  This week, and December, are a bit weird, and I may be away for a week or longer at a time as other projects may pre-empt my writing.

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Halfway Day for Nano 2010

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Halfway Day for Nano 2010; the target for today is 25,000.  I’m not quite at 21,000, so I’m still behind.  Too much happening today for me to get to 25,000, but if I could get to 22,000 by the end of the day, I’d be ‘satisfied’ for now.

Interesting Twitter hashtags:




Update: made it to 21,709 by midnight.

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Tools, Tools, and More Tools: a Blog-a-licious Day!

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Tools, tools, and more tools are coming my way. Here are a few, in case your are interested:

Remember Google Zeitgeist?  (At one time it changed hourly to show what was hot.)  Dogpile Searchspy?  (Which was better when it started, got hammered by spammers, but seems to be getting better again?)  10 by 10?

What all of these had in common was that they showed trends, particularly what was “hot.”  Some new tools help do the same thing, but use Twitter as a base, so the “hotness” is even hotter:

  • Twopular is similar to Zeitgeist, but keywords are from Twitter rather than Google
  • Trendsmap is a mashup that shows hot trendwords geographically using a resizable map
  • Tweetworks tracks groups and discussions by topic
  • Twonvo threads specific conversations

Some tools are similar, but not entirely Twitter based

  • Lazyfeed is a topical aggregator
  • AlphaInventions faciliatates both traffic development and real-time introductions to bloggers

One other point: the most difficult part of writing for me is dialog.  And, in many ways, except for marketing your work, development of dialog is the most important part.  These threading tools show dialogs as they develop in real time, and they can be a source of ideas for dialog development for writers.

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