Relief in the Discomfort Past

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You may or may not believe in the ghost of Christmas past. But, we all have experienced relief in the discomfort past.

If you took the time to capture your discomfort when it was with you, you now have a chance to write about what it is like to have it gone. Did you take the air conditioner for granted. (This assumes you have one, and heat is an issue. Maybe you do not have one, or maybe you do not need one. I suspect this metaphor does not translate well to writers in Anchorage.)

Your word pictures from your time of discomfort now provide a context for your sense of relief. As you develop characters, don’t you think that they would go through the same process?

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Talking to Your Inner Dog

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More than a few writers who are pet owners can tell you that they find inspiration in “conversations” that they have with their dogs (or cats or….)

But, what if you do not have a pet? Maybe you should consider having a conversation with your inner dog.

Preposterous ideas sometimes are the best ones for finding the creativity you need to engender a new work. What would your inner dog be like? Is it a poodle or a doberman? Is that really the kind of inner dog that you want?

And, once it is here, what would you say to it? If it could talk back, what would it say to you?

(Caveat: We have no affiliation of any kind with “Inner Dog TV” on Youtube.)

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Emotion Driven Writing

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Extreme emotional states do not seem like good times for writing, but they can be the very best if you can focus yourself long enough to do it. Even the smallest snippets, maybe only a sentence or a phrase, can be a powerful seed for later development.

Whether you use a notepad or a word processor, learning to capture words in these moments can not only be healing but also be a source of inspiration for what may be some of your best work!

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Writing a Daily Meditation Book

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Have you considered writing your own daily meditation book?

Writing a passage at a time, keeping the passages short, and keeping the topics simple, you can build a tool that reflects yourself and your ideas.

Once you have finished a year of this work, you can re-write it over time, keeping what works for you and discarding what does not.

Even if you never take what you have written to market, what you have written can be a priceless tool to guide yourself in terms of your own ideals and values.

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Words, Words, and More Words

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Words, and how they are structured, are the product of the writer. Inputs may vary: education and courses, the words of others on blogs and “in real life,” things that make us mad, things that make us happy, and a sundry list too long for this entry. But, the output remains the same: words.


To be certain, in this world of media and the Internet, the line is blurring between writer and other artists. We produce graphics, audio, and video as part of telling our story on blogs and in e-books. But, those other skills are other domains. The domain of writer is, still, words.

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New Moon, Spring 2013

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We have a new moon, and spring is in full bloom.  (Okay, maybe not in full bloom everywhere.)  This is now a time of beginnings. What beginnings have you started in your life?

Sometimes a new beginning can be subtle. Rather than wildly chasing the next hare that happens by, sometimes the best beginning is to nurture the process that you have recently launched. Is it growing the way you expected? Or is it bringing unexpected lessons?

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Short Posts

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You may have heard the popular aphorism “the medium is the message.” This is nowhere more true than the Internet. Attention spans tend to be short for readers in cyberspace, and they are even shorter for smartphone users.

For this reason, Twitter is rising in dominance. Some say that it may eclipse Facebook. The short format fits well with the SMS text messaging features of cell phones. Even more important, the short format matches the short attention spans of readers of this media.

Blog posts are beginning to follow suit. Most people want a short message rather than a long missive. Try it on your own blog and see what happens to your traffic.

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Organizing Daily Blogging

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An old trick used by syndicated columnists for newspapers is to write a number of columns in one sitting. Bloggers use this too, and if you search you can find discussions of it.

Good writing tools facilitate this. Scrivener, for examples, has folders in which you can place individual texts. Make a folder a month’s worth of writing and the project a years worth of writing. With that kind of organization, you can write your posts days or weeks in advance.

To keep things fresh, you will want to write a few posts that are contemporary to the date of publication rather than general topical posts. But, this approach to workflow can smooth out your work and your life if you are planning to post regularly on your blog.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk

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Some cliche’s fall out of use with time. The “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign has been gone for some time. So, maybe the joke “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” does not play well any more.

That is one important aspect of writing: what is said is affected by what is contemporary. The zeitgeist affects what is said, or not said. Not only that, but what seems like a fresh idea might be very stale.

When the idea of “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” came to me, I thought it sounded novel. But, then I realized that it had probably been done before. That is especially true considering how old the original campaign was. So, a quick search of the ‘net revealed the following links:

Maybe it should be “Friends don’t let friends post without a search first.”

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Larry Crowne and Blog Posts

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One of my favorite movies is Larry Crowne.  It is light-hearted commentary on difficult times.  Everybody loves the hero and the leading lady, but I have learned (mostly by trying to write stories) that it is the supporting actors that often “make” the story.

For example, one of the most important characters in Larry Crowne is the unemployed, former professor, one hit wonder, porn surfing husband of Mercedes Tainot, namely Dean Tainot.

Dean Tainot counts blog replies as “writing.”  Do you?  I spent over an hour crafting a particularly long reply.  Does that count?  Or, a bit like Dean Tainot, was I wasting my time?  Should I have been focused on “real” writing instead?

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