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You may have heard the popular aphorism “the medium is the message.” This is nowhere more true than the Internet. Attention spans tend to be short for readers in cyberspace, and they are even shorter for smartphone users.

For this reason, Twitter is rising in dominance. Some say that it may eclipse Facebook. The short format fits well with the SMS text messaging features of cell phones. Even more important, the short format matches the short attention spans of readers of this media.

Blog posts are beginning to follow suit. Most people want a short message rather than a long missive. Try it on your own blog and see what happens to your traffic.

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Organizing Daily Blogging

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An old trick used by syndicated columnists for newspapers is to write a number of columns in one sitting. Bloggers use this too, and if you search you can find discussions of it.

Good writing tools facilitate this. Scrivener, for examples, has folders in which you can place individual texts. Make a folder a month’s worth of writing and the project a years worth of writing. With that kind of organization, you can write your posts days or weeks in advance.

To keep things fresh, you will want to write a few posts that are contemporary to the date of publication rather than general topical posts. But, this approach to workflow can smooth out your work and your life if you are planning to post regularly on your blog.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk

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Some cliche’s fall out of use with time. The “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign has been gone for some time. So, maybe the joke “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” does not play well any more.

That is one important aspect of writing: what is said is affected by what is contemporary. The zeitgeist affects what is said, or not said. Not only that, but what seems like a fresh idea might be very stale.

When the idea of “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” came to me, I thought it sounded novel. But, then I realized that it had probably been done before. That is especially true considering how old the original campaign was. So, a quick search of the ‘net revealed the following links:

Maybe it should be “Friends don’t let friends post without a search first.”

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Julie Isaac & The eBook Revolution

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Whenever I have worked on this blog, I have followed the work of Julie Isaac, another WordPress blogger & author.  Via Twitter, I discovered that she has a site called Join the eBook revolution.  Given that the demand for paper based articles is shrinking, and the number of people competing to be heard as writers is (probably) increasing, eBook is probably the first medium I will try for publishing a more “serious” (polished, actually) effort.  If you are following the same strategy, you might consider reading Join the eBook revolution.


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Larry Crowne and Blog Posts

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One of my favorite movies is Larry Crowne.  It is light-hearted commentary on difficult times.  Everybody loves the hero and the leading lady, but I have learned (mostly by trying to write stories) that it is the supporting actors that often “make” the story.

For example, one of the most important characters in Larry Crowne is the unemployed, former professor, one hit wonder, porn surfing husband of Mercedes Tainot, namely Dean Tainot.

Dean Tainot counts blog replies as “writing.”  Do you?  I spent over an hour crafting a particularly long reply.  Does that count?  Or, a bit like Dean Tainot, was I wasting my time?  Should I have been focused on “real” writing instead?

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Funny thing about the internet, when a commentator is absent, you do not know why.  Were I to die, or anyone else that writes a blog, chances are you would not know.  Oh, sure, the so-called “Professional Bloggers” would be missed, and some of their friends would likely know and shout the news to the world.  But, for the rest of us, particularly those of us who choose to make anonymous contributions, no one would know.  We would just disappear.

Whether or not our comments would survive us remains uncertain.  Would we always have servers?  Would someone always make our words of wisdom, or idiocy, available?  What does “always” mean, anyway?  For the next twenty years?  For the lifespan of those who knew us personally?  In perpetuity in some gargantuan archive that would become ever unwieldy until some knew paradigm rethought how we view how we think?

All I know it that I have not posted here since early 2011, so I thought I would post SOMEthing.  And, no, I have not given up on that novel I was working on that seems perpetually stuck at 60%  I think, though, that I have decided to start writing it backwards.  Start with two or three, or more, endings and write back attempting to make them converge somewhere in the middle, somewhere near where I got stuck.

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More Transition to KM Tools

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First of all, all BOTD:

Found that blog via Twitter, and I thought it was an interesting read.  Not sure which of her three types of writer I belong in.  I think maybe I’m a “born” type, since everything I write is really some kind of variant on the “psychological thriller.”

That said, I have installed the Beta 4 of Scrivener.  No extensive testing, yet, for me as I continue the migration from Scrivener to my KM tools (including Treepad).  However, my plan (now) is to do this: (1) write daily using Scivener and using it as my main tool; (2) export that daily writing to my KM tools, (3) output (daily) from Scivener to Word (the whole enchilada); and (4) backup everything (Scrivener, Word, and KM tools).

Still haven’t written today, and may not restart until I’ve finished moving everything (done so far) into KM tools.  With my unfinished Nano novel, I can tell that I am in the middle of the plot, and I can see several viable endings.  This week, and December, are a bit weird, and I may be away for a week or longer at a time as other projects may pre-empt my writing.

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Day 6 First Restart

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Somehow missed yesterday.  Now need 3,000 words to catch up.  Ooops.

Update:  Amazingly, I did it.  I’m caught up, but not much more.  I had hoped to be a day or two ahead this weekend, but as of now I’m only barely ahead.

Maybe tomorrow….

Websites of the Day: (National Blog Posting Month)


And, a question, when you are doing Nanowrimo stuff, tweeting on Twitter about it, blogging on your blog, do you find that your searches are really different, and what you read is really different, from what you do the rest of the time?

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Awful Bloggers who Write about Writing but do not Write Otherwise

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Yep. I give up. I think I will join the ranks. You know what I am talking about: bloggers who yammer on and on about writing without writing anything other than their blogs. I do not know if the muses have abandoned me or if I just do not have the time or energy. But, maybe I can put something here with the idea that I will develop “real” writing elsewhere.

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