All Night Character Sketch Marathon

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Started writing character sketches (using Scrivener’s way to organize things), and stayed up all night doing them. Upped my word count to 28588, so 30K is now within another day’s writing. Seems like I might be getting things going again, a much needed restart, but now I have to sleep.


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More Transition to KM Tools

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First of all, all BOTD:

Found that blog via Twitter, and I thought it was an interesting read.  Not sure which of her three types of writer I belong in.  I think maybe I’m a “born” type, since everything I write is really some kind of variant on the “psychological thriller.”

That said, I have installed the Beta 4 of Scrivener.  No extensive testing, yet, for me as I continue the migration from Scrivener to my KM tools (including Treepad).  However, my plan (now) is to do this: (1) write daily using Scivener and using it as my main tool; (2) export that daily writing to my KM tools, (3) output (daily) from Scivener to Word (the whole enchilada); and (4) backup everything (Scrivener, Word, and KM tools).

Still haven’t written today, and may not restart until I’ve finished moving everything (done so far) into KM tools.  With my unfinished Nano novel, I can tell that I am in the middle of the plot, and I can see several viable endings.  This week, and December, are a bit weird, and I may be away for a week or longer at a time as other projects may pre-empt my writing.

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Day 7 Warming Up.

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The time change HELPED, not sure why. Here’s my blog of the day:

I met Lin online in ’06. She talked me into Nano; I had never heard of it. We’ve chatted over the years, but she’s been silent since this summer. She never made it a secret that she’s been sick all these years. I hope she’s okay.

That’s one thing I do not like about the blogosphere. People just disappear, and we have no closure. If something has happened, then I’d like to know.

Made quota on Nano again today. No stellar writing, but the words are making their way onto the page.

One more writing blog:

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BOTD: Journeys, destinations and having enough balls to stay the course

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Out blog of the day, today, is “Journeys, destinations and having enough balls to stay the course”  From that blog: “The path I’m on as an independent writer is longer and, for now, lonelier and poorer.  It’s non traditional.  But I’m happy.  I love my life, especially my lifestyle.  It’s nice outside.  I think I’ll go do something. I don’t have a boss to ask or 5 o’clock to wait for.  Still, I question what I do almost every day — not because I’m unsure if it’s what I want to do, but because I’m unsure if I’m going about it the right way.”

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