Talking to Your Inner Dog

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More than a few writers who are pet owners can tell you that they find inspiration in “conversations” that they have with their dogs (or cats or….)

But, what if you do not have a pet? Maybe you should consider having a conversation with your inner dog.

Preposterous ideas sometimes are the best ones for finding the creativity you need to engender a new work. What would your inner dog be like? Is it a poodle or a doberman? Is that really the kind of inner dog that you want?

And, once it is here, what would you say to it? If it could talk back, what would it say to you?

(Caveat: We have no affiliation of any kind with “Inner Dog TV” on Youtube.)

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Steam of Consciousness (and Personal Vaporware)

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Looking back at a few exercises, I wrote the “misspelling” of “stream of consciousness” as “steam of consciousness.” At first, I immediately corrected it. After all, we have to “get it right,” don’t we?

But, then I realized that maybe what I write is better characterized as “steam of consciousness.” That’s really true if I am mad about something, but I also see it as the vapors coming off a lake on some cold morning early before the sun has fully risen. With my consciousness not fully intact, or arguably simply at a different level, the words seem to lift away like the steam wafting upwards away from the lake to a home in the clouds.

That’s it. The lake of my unprocessed thoughts and emotions sputters out words and sentences and sometimes more through the morning resistance as I ponder what I should be doing that day and what I might actually accomplish. Invariably my ambition outstrips my capacity. So the steam of ideas comes forth like so much personal vaporware, drafting plans that are bold in concept but sometimes not so much more than that.

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Write What You Know

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Type “Write What You Know” into a Google search box, and the famed search engine will return 93 million hits.  Exactly what over 90 million websites, and possibly as many authors, have to say about “write what you know” eludes me.

The phrase is a popular cliche that is arguably trite.  Yet, it remains useful because fact checking can block the creative process.  “Write what you know,” and you can double check the facts later.  (Which, of course, we all do.  Right?)

Like noses, we all seem to have opinions on this, and like noses… …well, you know the cliche’.

What is the “solution”?  I do not claim to have one.  But, my experience has been that this old maxim works just fine for me.

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