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Fortunately, the piece yesterday was written before I took a look at what people are writing when they are writing about writing on WordPress.

To be sure, almost everything I read was either wittier or funnier or more visually appealing that what I did. And, that makes a point to me: had I read that stuff first, the ideas I had would have been snuffed out before they made it to paper, er, silicon er, whatever.

In the language of psychology, I would have been “primed.” And, then, I would have been writing about people who are writing about writing on WordPress. And, who would want to read that?

But, as usual, I have discovered several interesting things that have caught me eye.

The first is NaPoWriMo: The National Poetry Writing Month. I am not a poet, but the exercise seems interesting. See, also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Poetry_Writing_Month

The second is “The Writing Corporation.” This looks interesting, and I want to see more of what they have to say.

Third, I had a comment from Christine Bissonnette of The Positivity Project. Thank you for the kind thoughts and the great ideas!

My focus, at this time, will be shifting away from Nanowrimo. I will come back to it, but for now I will be focusing on (1) writing exercises, (2) interesting commentary about writing that I find on WordPress, and (3) professional writing. Almost all of my writing has been in this third category, and I will be exploring the world of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.  However, I am easily pulled away by interesting ideas that catch my fancy, so who can say what wonderings I might be posting here?

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Nanowrimo 2012 Cometh

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Nanowrimo 2012 is very nearly here.  So, I’ll be checking back into this blog.  Life is very busy, so my chances of even thinking about Nano are pretty slim.  But, maybe….

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Plowing Ahead: Another Day’s Writing

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Seemed like breaking 30,000 words was “another day’s writing,” but a week has elapsed instead of a day.  But, the words did emerge.  The going is slow without an impending deadline, without the pressure that Nano provides.  But, progress….

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December 2010: The Holidays are Here and Nano is Gone

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Looks like a window has arrived, here in the middle of the winter holidays, for a post Nano processing.  That means I can start producing words again for my unfinished novel.  Nothing really sophisticated about this, but I think it is the first time I have taken an unfinished Nano novel and become determined to finish it.  Sometimes “productivity” is just about “staying with it.”

Stay tuned.

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Life After Nano

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Maybe the most difficult thing, now, is moving forward after Nanowrimo.  Even when I did finish a novel in 2006, I found I could not move forward.  That novel has sat in a binder, unedited, for years now.

And, with this novel, I am halfway through.  I see it coming together, and it is more cohesive than the previous one.  (I expected that.)  But, continuity is the key.  So, here on this blog, I will be posting entries and ideas about “Life After Nano.”

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November 27, 2010 Giving up at 26K Words

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For this year, I’ll only make 26K words (or maybe a little more by the 30th) for Nano.  However, I am about midway through a novel with no writer’s block; just don’t have time to work on it.  My plan is to continue work in December, and wrap up a Nano style first draft in January.  Not sure, but maybe this work can be re-written and “tuned” into a potentially publishable work.

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Still Behind but Still Pluggin’

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Up to 25,972.  Still behind; standard target is 33,333.  Still pluggin’.  Not giving up just yet.  And, whether or not I reach 50,000 by November 30th, I plan to finish this novel.

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Almost Halfway on November 17th

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Still behind, but almost halfway at 24,420 words.  I am hoping to break the 25,000 barrier later today.  Stay tuned for updates!

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Starting to Pick Up Speed Again

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Devoted a fair amount of time to Nano today.  Have been learning a new program for writing: Scrivener.  Mostly just using it to write lately, but spent some of today learning its organizational tools, which are its strength.  Looks good so far.  Using the “full screen mode” seems to help my productivity; cranked out close to 2,000 words today.

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Halfway Day for Nano 2010

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Halfway Day for Nano 2010; the target for today is 25,000.  I’m not quite at 21,000, so I’m still behind.  Too much happening today for me to get to 25,000, but if I could get to 22,000 by the end of the day, I’d be ‘satisfied’ for now.

Interesting Twitter hashtags:




Update: made it to 21,709 by midnight.

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