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Funny thing about the internet, when a commentator is absent, you do not know why.  Were I to die, or anyone else that writes a blog, chances are you would not know.  Oh, sure, the so-called “Professional Bloggers” would be missed, and some of their friends would likely know and shout the news to the world.  But, for the rest of us, particularly those of us who choose to make anonymous contributions, no one would know.  We would just disappear.

Whether or not our comments would survive us remains uncertain.  Would we always have servers?  Would someone always make our words of wisdom, or idiocy, available?  What does “always” mean, anyway?  For the next twenty years?  For the lifespan of those who knew us personally?  In perpetuity in some gargantuan archive that would become ever unwieldy until some knew paradigm rethought how we view how we think?

All I know it that I have not posted here since early 2011, so I thought I would post SOMEthing.  And, no, I have not given up on that novel I was working on that seems perpetually stuck at 60%  I think, though, that I have decided to start writing it backwards.  Start with two or three, or more, endings and write back attempting to make them converge somewhere in the middle, somewhere near where I got stuck.

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Swine Flu and Flash Projects

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Lifehacker Link: Google Maps Mashup on Swine Flu

Swine flu is the hot topic now, and I’ll bet that a novel or two, and maybe even “Made for TV” movie, is in development by somebody somewhere.

Myself, I am a slowpoke when it comes to writing.  But, I think something that I would call “flash production” happens: projects that are produced and published within a few weeks, or maybe even days, after some topic captures the fancy of the public.

Myself, I would have to use something like this as a “flavoring” to an ongoing project.  But, my curiosity is piqued by these “flash projects.”  How are such projects brought to market so quickly?  (Words = 106)

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