When to Write

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Finding the time to write can be difficult. Most writers write in the morning, or so it seems. But, what if you are not a “morning person”?

If you function better later in the day, then you should consider writing at the time when you are at your peak. But, if your productivity suffers when you delay your writing until later, then stick with the morning approach.

Writing when sleepy may be the only way to get the words out. If that is true, keep in mind that you can always return to the work later and edit it when you are more alert.

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Larry Crowne and Blog Posts

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One of my favorite movies is Larry Crowne.  It is light-hearted commentary on difficult times.  Everybody loves the hero and the leading lady, but I have learned (mostly by trying to write stories) that it is the supporting actors that often “make” the story.

For example, one of the most important characters in Larry Crowne is the unemployed, former professor, one hit wonder, porn surfing husband of Mercedes Tainot, namely Dean Tainot.

Dean Tainot counts blog replies as “writing.”  Do you?  I spent over an hour crafting a particularly long reply.  Does that count?  Or, a bit like Dean Tainot, was I wasting my time?  Should I have been focused on “real” writing instead?

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Plowing Ahead: Another Day’s Writing

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Seemed like breaking 30,000 words was “another day’s writing,” but a week has elapsed instead of a day.  But, the words did emerge.  The going is slow without an impending deadline, without the pressure that Nano provides.  But, progress….

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Resolutions for 2011

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One of my top resolutions for 2011 is to finish this novel started as part of Nano 2010. I’m using Scrivener again, and I find that developing the focus to get the words out has been difficult. Nano’s November 30th deadline seems to make a big difference.  I need a new strategy, one that will serve the same purpose that the November 30th deadline did.

But, I did get out about 1500 more words tonight.  Maybe words flow like molasses in January.

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More Transition to KM Tools

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First of all, all BOTD:  http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/structure-part-7-understanding-genre/

Found that blog via Twitter, and I thought it was an interesting read.  Not sure which of her three types of writer I belong in.  I think maybe I’m a “born” type, since everything I write is really some kind of variant on the “psychological thriller.”

That said, I have installed the Beta 4 of Scrivener.  No extensive testing, yet, for me as I continue the migration from Scrivener to my KM tools (including Treepad).  However, my plan (now) is to do this: (1) write daily using Scivener and using it as my main tool; (2) export that daily writing to my KM tools, (3) output (daily) from Scivener to Word (the whole enchilada); and (4) backup everything (Scrivener, Word, and KM tools).

Still haven’t written today, and may not restart until I’ve finished moving everything (done so far) into KM tools.  With my unfinished Nano novel, I can tell that I am in the middle of the plot, and I can see several viable endings.  This week, and December, are a bit weird, and I may be away for a week or longer at a time as other projects may pre-empt my writing.

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Scrivener Beta for Windows Expiration

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Just finished exporting my unfinished novel from Scrivener into Word 2007.

The Scrivener for Windows Beta claimed an expiration of December 12, 2010, tomorrow.  And, it also said that an upgrade would resolve that problem, with the commercial release to be early in 2011.  2011 is not here, yet, but the new beta has the same expiration date.

I spent yesterday’s “writing time” (my time allocated for writing) on researching this issue and installing the new beta release.  I’ve now spent today’s writing time on exporting the project.  Scrivener does have some excellent features for writers, but this problem does not leave me with much enthusiasm.

At this point, I am a little unsure as to whether or not I will stick with Word or start using one or two KM tools that I know are stable and predictable.  Maybe I’ll write it using Treepad.

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December 2010: The Holidays are Here and Nano is Gone

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Looks like a window has arrived, here in the middle of the winter holidays, for a post Nano processing.  That means I can start producing words again for my unfinished novel.  Nothing really sophisticated about this, but I think it is the first time I have taken an unfinished Nano novel and become determined to finish it.  Sometimes “productivity” is just about “staying with it.”

Stay tuned.

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Life After Nano

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Maybe the most difficult thing, now, is moving forward after Nanowrimo.  Even when I did finish a novel in 2006, I found I could not move forward.  That novel has sat in a binder, unedited, for years now.

And, with this novel, I am halfway through.  I see it coming together, and it is more cohesive than the previous one.  (I expected that.)  But, continuity is the key.  So, here on this blog, I will be posting entries and ideas about “Life After Nano.”

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November 27, 2010 Giving up at 26K Words

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For this year, I’ll only make 26K words (or maybe a little more by the 30th) for Nano.  However, I am about midway through a novel with no writer’s block; just don’t have time to work on it.  My plan is to continue work in December, and wrap up a Nano style first draft in January.  Not sure, but maybe this work can be re-written and “tuned” into a potentially publishable work.

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Almost Halfway on November 17th

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Still behind, but almost halfway at 24,420 words.  I am hoping to break the 25,000 barrier later today.  Stay tuned for updates!

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