Writing and GTD

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Many writers and aspiring writers follow a system developed by David Allen and called “Getting Things Done.”  Popularly, this system is abbreviated to “GTD.”

If you have heard of it and are using it, then I am preaching to the choir.  If you have heard of it and discarded it, then I would like to know why.  The most persuasive argument I can find against GTD is that some things are “just too big” and require project management methodology (such as that described in the PMBOK).  But, <grin> even then you could use the concept from GTD of “delegation.”

Said differently, I think you can use GTD, and then have a “wrapper” around it of project management methodology and delegation for “things” that are too big.  And, I find that I must carefully monitor for “project overload.”

Most writers find GTD to be helpful, and I have my own personal variant which I constantly tune.  I also go back to the Mothership to see if some concept that was not useful before has suddenly become useful.  (That probably means I grew into it.)  (185 words per Pages)

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WOTD Making Writing a Priority

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Today we examine a website (rather than a blog). Actually, we are focused on a single topic: “make writing a priority.”

First of all, we consider Sandra Miller again. She focuses on schedules and scheduling.

Shane Werlinger at Suite 101 adds the idea of writing goals.

I think that these are the beginning. Depending on how much of a nerd you are, you could also become as sophisticated as a project manager, or you could be as simple as giving yourself a gold star. (Don’t laugh; sometimes that kind of thing works!)

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