On Running Late and Other Rat Race Manipulations

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Some people habitually run late. For some this is a great irritant. For others it is a way of life.

“Late” or “Early” is mostly a social construction. To be sure, you do not want the ambulance crew to be late if your life is at risk. Circumstances are rarely that dramatic for most of us most of the time. Some people live their lives as if everything is an crisis, and a memo that arrives on a desk in the afternoon instead of the morning is a calamity.

Psychologists condition rats to run mazes, and some managers seek to condition their employees to be in a constant state of panic. Maybe that is why the rest of us refer to the typical state of affairs in Corporate America, and elsewhere, as “the Rat Race.”

Like so many, I want to be out of it. My inspiration is “Jonathon Livingston Seagull.” The better way awaits me, just around the corner.

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