Life After Nano

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Maybe the most difficult thing, now, is moving forward after Nanowrimo.  Even when I did finish a novel in 2006, I found I could not move forward.  That novel has sat in a binder, unedited, for years now.

And, with this novel, I am halfway through.  I see it coming together, and it is more cohesive than the previous one.  (I expected that.)  But, continuity is the key.  So, here on this blog, I will be posting entries and ideas about “Life After Nano.”

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November 27, 2010 Giving up at 26K Words

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For this year, I’ll only make 26K words (or maybe a little more by the 30th) for Nano.  However, I am about midway through a novel with no writer’s block; just don’t have time to work on it.  My plan is to continue work in December, and wrap up a Nano style first draft in January.  Not sure, but maybe this work can be re-written and “tuned” into a potentially publishable work.

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Being Behind Inspires Me to Quit

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Okay, I’m not quitting, yet. But, I’ve gotten behind again. This happened in ’07, ’08, and ’09. I know I cannot get much done Thursday (tomorrow, as I write this). But, I know I don’t need to give up yet. Maybe I can catch up this weekend.

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