Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk

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Some cliche’s fall out of use with time. The “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign has been gone for some time. So, maybe the joke “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” does not play well any more.

That is one important aspect of writing: what is said is affected by what is contemporary. The zeitgeist affects what is said, or not said. Not only that, but what seems like a fresh idea might be very stale.

When the idea of “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk” came to me, I thought it sounded novel. But, then I realized that it had probably been done before. That is especially true considering how old the original campaign was. So, a quick search of the ‘net revealed the following links:

Maybe it should be “Friends don’t let friends post without a search first.”

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WOTD Making Writing a Priority

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Today we examine a website (rather than a blog). Actually, we are focused on a single topic: “make writing a priority.”

First of all, we consider Sandra Miller again. She focuses on schedules and scheduling.

Shane Werlinger at Suite 101 adds the idea of writing goals.

I think that these are the beginning. Depending on how much of a nerd you are, you could also become as sophisticated as a project manager, or you could be as simple as giving yourself a gold star. (Don’t laugh; sometimes that kind of thing works!)

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