When to Write

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Finding the time to write can be difficult. Most writers write in the morning, or so it seems. But, what if you are not a “morning person”?

If you function better later in the day, then you should consider writing at the time when you are at your peak. But, if your productivity suffers when you delay your writing until later, then stick with the morning approach.

Writing when sleepy may be the only way to get the words out. If that is true, keep in mind that you can always return to the work later and edit it when you are more alert.

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All Night Character Sketch Marathon

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Started writing character sketches (using Scrivener’s way to organize things), and stayed up all night doing them. Upped my word count to 28588, so 30K is now within another day’s writing. Seems like I might be getting things going again, a much needed restart, but now I have to sleep.

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Does a 2AM Entry count as “Morning Pages” if we have not gone to bed yet?

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2AM has come and gone and I meant to go back to sleep shortly after I woke up from my nap, about 9pm. I had more to write, but it evaporated as I worked on projects other than writing. Where does it all go?

I do not know if I can carve out the time to write five pages (on average) per day. And, I have never written a script before.

Maybe sleep will help.

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