Disruption: The D-Factor

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This morning has been very weird.  Everything has halts and errors.  Doing something very numerically intensive this morning.  Somehow opened files in a backup directory and data was “missing.”  Did my stuff only to find out these were backup files.  Had to merge with regular files.  Problems all morning.

All these disruptions made a process that normally takes about 45 minutes take over two hours and twenty minutes.  I have watched this for many years; I call it the “D-Factor.”

By definition, the D-Factor is any kind of disruption that provides no benefit but steals from beneficial (especially) creative processes, such as writing.  I had more to say this morning, here, but the crap (errors and delays and re-do’s) killed the time needed for creative process.  Many, many 😦

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Awful Bloggers who Write about Writing but do not Write Otherwise

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Yep. I give up. I think I will join the ranks. You know what I am talking about: bloggers who yammer on and on about writing without writing anything other than their blogs. I do not know if the muses have abandoned me or if I just do not have the time or energy. But, maybe I can put something here with the idea that I will develop “real” writing elsewhere.

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Script Frenzy is here, and My Life is Already Frantic

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I completed Nano successfully a few years ago.  Never did even ATTEMPT to publish the novel.  But, Script Frenzy starts today, I have signed up, and I do not even have time to do, well, much of anything other than what I HAVE to do.  So, how can I possibly crank out 3 or 4 pages today.  I just do not know.

Contacted my pal Boobootwit, and he seems to have even less time than me.  Maybe neither one of us will be able to do it.  But, I HOPE we can do it.  Maybe, just maybe….

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Making Time to Write

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Writing a book or a script is something I “do” when I am “unemployed.” I am not unemployed, now, and I am short of time. Making time to write is tough. Too much to do to write, at least that is the excuse that I tell myself.

Maybe this is the best time to write. Small snippets, written in a concentrated effort, might give me a better quality than oozing something out when I otherwise do not know what to do with myself.

83 Words

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Does a 2AM Entry count as “Morning Pages” if we have not gone to bed yet?

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2AM has come and gone and I meant to go back to sleep shortly after I woke up from my nap, about 9pm. I had more to write, but it evaporated as I worked on projects other than writing. Where does it all go?

I do not know if I can carve out the time to write five pages (on average) per day. And, I have never written a script before.

Maybe sleep will help.

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